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A Timeless Icon Of Schenectady History

In 1814 the building The Stockade Inn now calls home was constructed as the Mohawk Bank. It was in the heart of one of America’s oldest neighborhoods and would serve as the center of commerce and expansion in Schenectady for many years. In 1819 tragedy struck the neighborhood, when a perilous fire completely engulfed a two-block stretch destroying nearly everything in its path. The bank was fortunate enough to be one of the only structures to remain unscathed. 

After decades of being a fine first location, the bank found a new home on State Street, the Stockade Inn building would live on as a family home to prominent Schenectady residents for decades. In the 1870s it would become a school for a few decades until in 1904 the city sold it to the Mohawk Club. The building would become a premiere destination for businessmen interested in the hunting and social opportunities it offered. At its peak the club had over 600 members, many of which were regarded is leaders of business at the national level. After declines in membership the Mohawk Club sold the building in 2003 and it began its life as an Inn. The newest owner, Urban Initiatives Group, purchased the inn in 2020, and intend to retain the building’s historic charm, but elevating the Inn to a luxurious, modern standard.

1664-1776 Stockade Map
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