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The Stockade District saw its beginnings in 1662 when Arent Van Curler and a collection of Dutch immigrants sought a place to call their own, free of some of the restraints of the colony. Upon purchasing a parcel of land from the Mohawk Native Americans, they applied for their patent through the Dutch colony. It was granted and they set out to their new home. The hamlet they formed was called “Schenectady” the Dutch spelling of a Mohawk word. It sat on the banks of the Mohawk river and first became a small four block parcel. While there are no homes from the original 1667 construction, some of the homes you will find in the Stockade are almost 300 years old. It has one of the highest densities of historic homes in the country according to the National Park Service. 

The Stockade Inn sits on the site of the city founder Arent Van Curler’s original home, and is anchored in the center of the original Stockade District. From the Inn a walk down any street will reflect the rich history the district has to offer. Join us and experience the timeless history the Stockade District has to offer. 

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